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New Domain Design performs the highest quality work below market prices. Our focus is on complete client satisfaction. There are 4 options available within our pricing structure:

•  Custom  •  Packages  •  Itemized  •  Hourly


We specialize in the production of customized websites that are built and priced according to an individual client’s unique needs, specifications, niche market and budget.  Most clients prefer this option.


Packages contain services that generally include everything needed to create and publish a website from start to finish.  The 9 packages are customized for various types of websites.  They are all priced at about 50% less than our hourly rate based on the typical amount of time it takes to complete each one.


Titled “Web Services”, itemized services are organized by category and designed to offer solutions for customers who need these types of smaller or specialty services, outside of a complete project.


Our minimum hourly rate is $60, and we often run special sales that can reduce our prices by as much as 20% or more.

If you have a project that requires more or less of the services listed in a particular package, we offer custom pricing following consultation and review of specific requirements.  To choose this option, please click here to fill out a Custom Design Quotation Request form.

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