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New Domain Design performs the highest quality work below market prices. Our focus is on complete client satisfaction. Our print design pricing structure is organized in 5 general categories:

•  Advertisement  •  Business Materials  •  Packaging  •  Personal  •  Publication


The owner has many years of experience in the print design arena, especially advertising and marketing from his previous work as a concert promoter, public school and university music teacher, and retail business owner.  We can produce your print advertising in any size and for any material surface you need.  This includes posters, flyers, newspaper ads, business signage, large display banners, ceramics, clothing and much more.


Business owners, artists, performers and all types of professionals need printed assets to represent themselves to the public.  We provide the design and coordinate the printing logistics for items such as business cards, letterhead, forms, reports, sales sheets, press kits and any other type of printed material that you need.


Packaging design requires very precise specifications and layout coordinates.  We specialize in meticulous work and produce superlative packaging product designs, including product containers, cases, mailers, labels, and many unique, demanding, personal items.


In addition to business operation and advertising, we produce personal product designs for individuals and commercial distribution.  When you are looking for a truly personal tattoo, or custom T-Shirt, we will create a one-of-a-kind design for you that you will be sure to impress.  Coffee cups, hats, decals, home displays, personal photographs, are just a few of the countless personal items and types of designs that we can deliver to you.


Designing for publications is a type of advertising and information-sharing, but much more complex and time-consuming.  Additionally, the layout entails setting docs for printing.  When you purchase a publication project from New Domain Design, the deliverable is more than just the design.  It’s ready for printing and we can handle that as well.


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