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New Domain Design performs the highest quality work below market prices. Our focus is on complete client satisfaction. Our graphic design pricing structure is organized in 3 primary categories:

•  Identity / Branding  •  Web Graphics  •  Miscellaneous Graphics


Identity design must portray your individual personality in a unique and compelling way, while business branding establishes your distinctive business identity consistently throughout all of your business materials, including logos, favatars, headings, color schemes, typography, banners, ads and social media.  New Domain Design is expert at producing these assets.


Web graphics are digital designs used on your website and elsewhere throughout the web. Larger designs for headers, footers, social media pages, advertisements, illustrations, image/video galleries and sliders, and smaller graphics, such as icons, buttons, small banner ads, forms, borders and more are all included in this category.


Custom digital graphic design for virtually any purpose is available following your description and requirements.  Examples include e-book covers and illustrations, PowerPoint slides, e-mail templates, photo editing and more.

If you need graphics for a custom project that are not included here, please submit a consultation request describing your needs and requirements.

Thank you for choosing New Domain Design!

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