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The Guide Dog Users of Washington State is a nonprofit organization composed of visually impaired members who love and care for guide dogs. The Secretary and President of the group contacted New Domain Design in 2016 to request that we redesign their existing website. They were concerned about the accessibility and organization of the current site.

Given that the membership is mostly blind and use screen readers, the design was focused on accessibility, including strict heading and content organization, large, clean type, consistent image alt tags, clean HTML, structural labels, specific color and contrast design, clear and simple page navigation, static images and frequent use of internal links.

Additional adaptive technology and features were also integrated, such as on-screen zoom, contrast and font size controls, keyboard navigation aids, skip link coding, an accessibility widget and customized forms.  The website was built on a premium WordPress theme that incorporates additional accessibility features, and it allows GDUWS officers to add content via the user-friendly admin panel.