Kelly’s Concert Tickets Poster
kellys tiks display final framed

Kelly’s Concert Tickets Poster

Kelly Green was Scott’s neighbor in 2016. He was a bit strange, but a lot of fun to be around. He also had a way of connecting on an emotional level. Shortly after they met, Scott learned that Kelly had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

Among Kelly’s frequent topics of conversation were the many local concerts he had attended, “back in the day”. He recounted with great excitement that he saw many very famous rock and roll legends at venues including the Seattle Center, the (now defunct) Kingdome, the Paramount Theater, the Tacoma Dome, the Gorge and many others in the Puget Sound region. He had even kept more than 40 ticket stubs from various shows.

Scott decided to create a display of Kelly’s tickets, organized by venue, as a surprise gift. The result was a 16″ x 24″ framed poster. Each ticket was scanned, edited, enhanced and digitally placed in a group corresponding to the venue. Each group was organized according to size and fit onto a parchment image background in Adobe Photoshop. It was printed at a local Kinkos, framed, and then presented to Kelly.

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