Job Fair Employer Invitation Flyer
2013 Employer Invitation Flyer

Job Fair Employer Invitation Flyer

The YWCA Learning Center in Auburn, Washington, sponsored a Job and Resource Fair in 2013.  They contacted us 2 months prior to the event to request the production of an invitation flyer for distribution to potential employers and agencies in the region.

When designing a flyer, poster or advertisement, there are various “rules of thumb” that must be followed. At the top of the list is the emphasis of the most important information. In the case of an event, these are, in the order of priority, 1) the title of the event; 2) the date(s); and 3) the location.

We created this flyer with those aspects at the forefront.  The title, 2013 YWCA Auburn Job & Resource Fair is displayed in the largest font size with a distinctive font style.  The date, Wed, May 22, 10 am – 1 pm is announced using the next largest size font, in a very bold style, and with the date and times abbreviated to allow ample white space.  The location, YWCA Learning Center…, is displayed in the third largest size font.  Among some of the other design priorities evident in this flyer are ample use of white space, and a clean, well organized layout.

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