Business Cards
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Business Cards

A sampling of 8 unique, custom business cards displaying various styles and types of businesses. For each row, left to right, starting at the top, a brief description for each card follows.

  1. NINA’S HOUSE CLEANING – This card was created completely with Adobe Illustrator, and all of the graphics were hand drawn with the pen tool.  The logo is an original, custom design, and the house, lawn and “sparkles” were drawn from scratch.  The image of the woman was hand copied from a photo the client supplied of a similar graphic.
  2. ANYTIME DRAINS – A clean, white business card featuring an original, custom logo designed with Adobe Illustrator.
  3. ITOTO HOUSE – This card features a dark background with a designed gradient, that highlights the original, custom logo, all done with Adobe Illustrator.
  4. AGUACATEROS TAQUERIA – The owners of this Mexican restaurant requested a design that invoked an image of an old, brick faced taqueria.  The card features a curved, brick window advertising the restaurant name and menu.  The font for “Aguateros” is original and hand drawn using Adobe Illustrator.  The brick facade was created with Adobe Photoshop.
  5. THE GOOD STUFF – This card was designed for a startup business in Washington State that made edible cannabis cookies and other baked goods.  The logo is an original design created with Adobe Illustrator.
  6. TONY’S AUTO REPAIR AND SALES – The owner of this business is a mechanic with a small inventory of cars and light trucks.  The logo is original and the design is clean and simple, with graphics edited in Adobe Photoshop and placed in the Illustrator file.
  7. YOON’S BEAUTY & BARBER – This card was designed for the owner of a hair salon that catered to both men and women.  The scissors and barber pole were hand drawn using Adobe Illustrator.
  8. NANA CARES – This is a personal card for a woman who cares for children.  She does this as a vocation and carefully chooses her clients.  The card is very clean and simple, with imported “hearts”and feminine script for “Nana Cares”.  The graphics were designed in Photoshop, saved as a .PNG file and imported to Illustrator.

Exceptional design for any tactile material!

Perfectly coordinated and radiant print assets!