Naath Community Logo
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Naath Community Logo

The Naath Community is a tribe in South Sudan.  The people in this community have been affected by the ongoing conflict between the government and citizen groups.  This logo was created as part of a new web (blog) design package.  The purpose of the blog is to broadcast the views and struggles of the people in this tribe with articles written by those affected.

Working with the client’s concept, we created a logo that represents the community’s identity and cultural heritage.  The outer circular colors: green, black and red, represent their flag.  The inner blue background is the open sky, for freedom from oppression. The 2 crossed spears and shield are literal depictions of tribal weapons.  The circular shape stands for the eternal strength and unity of the community.

The logo was constructed primarily with Adobe Illustrator.  Photoshop was used for the spears and shield images, and background gradient (raster), then the resulting object was placed inside the vector shapes in Illustrator.

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