Luminous Concepts Logo
Luminous Concepts Logo 2

Luminous Concepts Logo

This is a logo for Luminous Concepts, a fictitious digital design company.  It was created to satisfy an assignment for a graphic design college course.  The students were assigned a random letter to use as the basis for a company name, logo, business card and letterhead, using Adobe Illustrator and, or Photoshop.

Various techniques and Adobe Illustrator tools were employed for this design.  The light bulb was hand drawn with the pen tool to fit within the letter “L”. Inner and outer glow and Gaussian blur effects were applied. They were then meticulously adjusted to create the proper radial glow around and within the bulb.

The pen tool was used to create the curved path around the bulb, then the “type on a path” tool was used for the lettering: “dynamic design ideas brought to light”.  A small piece at the bottom of the large letter “L” was cut out, to create the illusion of the letter wrapping around the bottom of the bulb. Various other techniques were applied, then a prominent drop shadow was placed on all of the green letters.

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