Itoto House Logo

Itoto House Logo

We are strong, powerful and healthy

This logo is based on an ancient Greek symbol for power and strength. The ancient Greeks were known throughout the world as master scholars and pioneers of human achievement in health, mathematics, science and the arts.

This logo embodies the ancient Greek spirit, potraying strength, knowledge and prosperity. The letter “I” is isolated at the top to focus on the idea of self awareness and personal growth. The font style of “toto” is circular and flowing to coordinate with the symbol and portray a stylish, mystical and international flavor.

Created with Adobe Illustrator, a “blood red” hue was used for its power and health characteristics. The small circular shape with radial gradients was added at the top to demonstrate the organization’s sharp focus on mental acuity and shared knowledge. The bottom circle presents a globe-like image to communicate the global mission of the organization. Overall, the circular style represents power, unity and continual intellectual growth.

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