Favicons Page Graphic 2


Favicons are small symbols that are placed to the immediate left of a web page title in the page tab at the top of the browser.  They provide a visual cue to distinguish one website from another when there are multiple pages open.  Since they are very small, they must be bold and simple.

The 9 favicons in the image above were created for our clients’ websites.  Each one is unique and based on the logo of each business or organization. From top to bottom and left to right they include:

  1. The Northwest Paralyzed Veterans of America  – Represented by the icon of a soldier in a wheelchair, and the letters “NW” for Northwest.
  2. Flex Global Links Solutions  – It uses the 3 curved swashes from the logo and the 4 first letters from the company name, FGLS.
  3. Itoto House  – This favicon uses the image from the logo, including the letter “I” for Itoto.
  4. Naath Community  – A reduction of actual logo worked well for this favicon.
  5. Skip’s Corner – Here, the image from the logo has been elongated, with the website title replaced with the first letters.
  6. Anytime Drains – Once again, the logo we created also works well for the favicon
  7. Guide Dog Users of Washington State – The circular shape of the logo fits nicely.
  8. Nina’s House Cleaning – The bold and simple design of the logo is perfect for the favicon as well
  9. RJ Smulski Homes, Inc. – The icon from the logo of this custom home builder is all that’s needed.

Captivating graphics customized for the web!

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