Family Crest Symbol/Tattoo Design

Family Crest Symbol/Tattoo Design

In 1995, Scott traveled to Ireland alone, and while he was in the town of Galway, formerly known as the township of Claddaugh, he purchased a matched set of two rings.  One was larger and crafted for a man (for himself) and the other was smaller, crafted for a woman.  That one was for the girl he hadn’t yet met.

The shop was owned by a single goldsmith who crafted and forged the rings himself, designed after the famous Claddaugh friendship ring.

The rest of the story is contained in the scroll to the right of the design.  It uses a traditional Gaelic script, so in case it’s too hard to read, it’s reprinted below.

The New Riley Family Crest:

The Story

The name Riley is a derivative of the traditional O’Reilly from County Cavan in Ireland. The Celtic spelling is O’Rajhallach, meaning descendant of Rajhallach, an Irish hero who was the King of Connacht, a western province of Ireland in the seventh century C.E.

The design of this symbol is based on my Irish heritage and affinity for Eastern spirituality. The circular image represents traditional Irish knots in an everlasting pattern. The solid black and white shapes compose a yin-yang symbol that is parted to make way for the hands presenting a heart in friendship and love. The hands, heart and crown are patterned after the Irish Claddaugh ring, which legend holds was presented to the Mayor of the seaport town of Claddaugh by the King of Spain in appreciation of their friendship as trading partners.  It is also a ring that I wear every day.

Scott Riley

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